Episode 1

Artificial Intelligence: Skynet Scaries or Snake Oil Systems?


For this inaugural event, we will be looking at the potential impact of artificial intelligence on our world. Does Artificial intelligence truly have boundless possibilities, or will it be stymied by structural limitations? Are we on the precipice of a technological utopia, or will unforeseen consequences leave the hope for our best future in the rubble of a butterfly’s flapping wings?

To help examine this important topic, we will be speaking with Dr. Dominik Dellermann and Dr. Milad Khaledyan. Dr. Dellermann is the CEO and Founder of Vencortex—a ground-breaking start-up augmenting the entire decision-making process by combining human intuition with artificial intelligence. Dr. Khaledyan has a PhD in mechanical engineering which he utilized to explore robotics, control, and artificial intelligence. Currently, Dr. Khaledyan is a Staff AI/Robotics Engineer at Nikon Research, where he has been charged with exploring vision-based robot manipulations in collaborative environments. Both guests bringing to the discussion unique research-based A.I. expertise that will provide an excellent context for our conversation.

Please join our hosts, Dr. Biagio Palese and Russell Devereaux for this important and interesting discussion.