Episode 8

The Sound of Music & Technology


For this episode, The Gateway will explore the merging areas of creativity and technology. With ground-breaking advancements, our society is now able to utilize artificial intelligence to complete even more complex roles. Artificial intelligence is finally able to replicate the creative muse that has been sought after by poets and philosophers. What happens to the human condition when art is outsourced to an algorithm? How will this change the perception of beauty?

To help examine the essence of creativity, The Gateway is proud to welcome David Mann, a professional composer and music software developer who has dedicated his life to bridging the gap between art and technology. He received his Bachelor's degree in Music Composition with a minor in Computer Science from UC San Diego in 1997. He later completed the University of Southern California film scoring program in 2001.

As a composer, David has scored 11 feature length films, 37 short films, and his music has been featured on over 155 TV Episodes. Most recently his music was used in the bonus material for the new James Bond film No Time To Die. He has also composed and recorded two albums of modern classical piano music.

As a solo software developer David has released 8 iPhone applications. Most recently he unified his love of composition and music technology by creating an app called Composer Bot which writes music algorithmically. Composer bot has written two orchestral works and many other pieces which have received extensive praise from listeners.